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05 May 2018 In Coalition News

The 39th session of the Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly began on Saturday morning as members discussed the latest field and political developments, especially the continued war crimes and violations by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran against civilians in different parts of Syria.

Members of the General Assembly strongly condemned the string of mass forced displacements operations against the civilian population, the most recent of which took place in northern rural Homs and before it in eastern Ghouta.

The Assembly’s members also stressed that the use of chemical weapons is a blatant defiance to the United Nations and international resolutions, stressing the need to activate the international accountability mechanism and to bring Bashar al-Assad and all symbols of his regime before justice.

The agenda of the meeting also includes the submission of internal reports, a report on the Syrian Negotiations Commission, a discussion of the political situation and the adoption of a roadmap for the next phase, and the election of new presidential and political bodies for one-year term. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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