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01 June 2018 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdurrahman Mustafa met with Germany’s Special Envoy to Syria Nicolai Herman and discussed with him the crimes the Assad regime is committing against civilians as well as the worsening tragedy of the forcibly displaced people and the Coalition’s plan of action in the liberated areas.

Mustafa said that there are large a number of displaced persons in northern Aleppo who were displaced from Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, eastern Ghouta, Homs and Qalamoun, pointing out that this caused the area to be very densely populated.

Mustafa added that the forcibly displaced people are not receiving sufficient support and that they are sharing tents amid lack of essential services. He expressed hope that their plight will be soon addressed so that they can receive support through the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) and local councils.

The presence of the Coalition’s executive institutions in the liberated areas can ease the suffering of civilians through the provision of basic services, Mustafa said. Her added: "Through our action plan we are seeking to be close to the social base and the armed opposition groups and supervise them directly."

Mustafa reaffirmed the Coalition’s commitment to the integrity of Syrian territory and the political process in accordance with the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254. He noted that the Syrian Coalition keeps regular, constant contacts with the Syrian Negotiations Commission.

Mustafa highlighted two points, the first of which is Law No. 10, which he said is aimed at consolidating demographic change and preventing the return of refugees. The second issue is the Assad regime’s taking over of the presidency of the United Nations Forum on Chemical and Nuclear Disarmament, which Mustafa denounced as representing a shock to the conscience of humanity and a deep betrayal of victims of Assad’s brutal attacks against civilians.

For his part, Herman said his country would follow up on the possible implications of Law No. 10, adding that the issue is being discussed by the European Union in all its aspects and by the member states of the European Union. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

01 June 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition stressed that Russia will bear full responsibility for any possible escalation in southern Syria, adding that the Assad regime is seeking military escalation in the south under orders from Iran. It said that the Assad regime has become a mere front for the Iranian occupation of Syria.

“Neither the Russian nor the Iranian occupations will be able to break the will of the Syrian people or end their struggle against occupation and tyranny,” said the Coalition in a press release issued on Thursday. “The Syrian people will eventually achieve their goals no matter the odds.”

The Coalition emphasized the need to support the institutions of the Syrian people, most importantly the Syrian Interim Government and the Free Syrian Army to ensure all basic services are provided to Syrian civilians, most importantly health, education, and security.

The Coalition called on major countries, the friendly countries, and sponsors of the political solution to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Syrian people and work to restore the political process back on track. “Action needs to be taken to ensure an end to killings and crimes, the release the detainees, and the achievement of a political transition in accordance with international resolutions and the Geneva Communique of 2012.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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