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09 January 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition, Abdurrahman Mustafa, called for the urgent provision of relief aid to the Syrian refugees living in camps in and around the town of Arsal in Lebanon. He said that the refugees are suffering dire humanitarian conditions because of the snowstorm that is battering the region.

On Sunday, a snowstorm hit Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean, cutting off roads and land transportation in many areas across Lebanon. The storm has further exacerbated the plight of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees living in makeshift shelters and camps in eastern Lebanon.

Lebanon is home to more than one million Syrian refugees, half of whom live in camps or abandoned buildings in dire conditions amid lack of humanitarian assistance.

President Mustafa said that “living conditions in the refugee camps in and around Arsal are extremely dire. Tents are shrouded in snow, heating fuel is scarce, and the roads are cut off.”

President Mustafa stressed the need to open the roads leading to the refugee camps to deliver urgent relief aid and provide medical care to those in need. He called on the United Nations agencies to relieve Syrian refugees; meet their needs; and alleviate their suffering.

Activists published a video showing a man trembling from the cold in his tent, urging the authorities to provide them with heating fuel.

Activists pointed out that the shacks and tents were severely damaged as a result of the accumulating snow, warning that the tents will not hold if the snowstorm continues any longer. They urged relief and aid groups to provide support for those who are affected by the snowstorm. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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