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12 October 2019 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian National Coalition, Brigadier General Fatih Hassoun, visited the representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Hatay province, Serdar Cengiz, and discussed with him the latest political and on the ground developments in Syria and the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Hassoun presented the Turkish official with a book in both Arabic and Turkish on the causes that led to the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, including the crimes being committed by the Assad regime against innocent civilians of all social components, and the immense sacrifices being made by the Syrian people for freedom and dignity.

The two sides discussed the ongoing military operation being carried out by the Syrian National Army and the Turkish army east of the Euphrates River. The operation has so far resulted in the liberation of the town of Ras al-Ain and dozens of villages and towns near Tal Abyad.

The two sides stressed the importance of the re-stabilization of the region east of the Euphrates and the elimination of terrorist organizations, including PKK, PYD and ISIS which will allow the displaced people to return to their homes. They also stressed the need to allow the local population to manage these areas.

Hassoun emphasized the historical relationship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples, stressing the Syrian people's determination to carry on with their revolution until they achieve their goals of toppling the Assad regime and establishing a state that is based on justice and equality. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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