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15 October 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Al-Abda, sent a letter to Tunisian President-elect Qais Said to congratulate him for winning the presidential elections as he wished him success in his new position. He also praised the "civilized model" Tunisia has shown to the world.

“We are filled with pride as we see the value ​​of democracy being consolidated through this wonderful civilized model and the free, fair elections,” President al-Abda said.

He expressed his confidence that Tunisia, under its new leadership, will continue to play its pivotal role as a prominent member of the Arab and international community.

President al-Abda stressed the close relationship between the Syrian and Tunisian people as well as Tunisia's important role in supporting the Syrian revolution. “The Tunisian Republic has always been a sisterly country and a true supporter of the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom, dignity and justice. The Tunisian people have inspired us through their revolution.”

“The Coalition seeks to strengthen the mutual relations with the Republic of Tunisia,” President al-Abda said. He expressed his hope that Tunisia will continue to support the cause of the Syrian people and the efforts to reach a political solution in accordance with international resolutions, most notably the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Resolution 2254. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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