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23 November 2019 In Coalition News

Dozens of civilians were killed and injured in yet new terrorist attack that rocked the town of Tel Abyad in rural Raqqa on Saturday, with activists pointing the finger at the PYD terrorist militia as standing behind this "heinous crime."

Local activists reported that a car bomb exploded in Al-Sinaa’a district in central Tel Abyad, causing dozens of casualties among civilians.

The bombing is one of a string of terrorist bombings that hit the region following the retreat of the PYD terrorist militia who are known to resort to this criminal tactic to destabilize the liberated areas.

Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition, Abdul Basit Abdul Latif, strongly condemned the crime, noting that it was aimed at the destabilization of the security and stability in the region. He pointed out that these attacks resemble the terrorist attacks that ISIS carried out against safe civilians.

Abdul Latif called on the international community and major actors to stand against these terrorist attacks which mainly target civilians, to explicitly condemn them, and to hold accountable the party that has become known to everyone and is carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians in the liberated areas. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

23 November 2019 In Coalition News

Members of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee on Saturday convened in the presence of Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, Nasr al-Hariri, as part of preparations for the second meeting of the Constitutional Committee due to begin on Monday.

Participants in the meeting reviewed the constitutional papers that were discussed during the latest meeting of the Syrian Negotiations Commission in Riyadh. Members of the Commission emphasized the basic constitutional provisions such as public and private rights of individuals, freedoms, and the separation of powers.

The participants also stressed the need for the Constitutional Committee to start discussing the main provisions of the new constitution, calling on the international community to continue to support the Constitutional Committee and to ratchet up pressure the Assad regime's delegation to engage seriously in the work of the Committee.

They also discussed the briefing that the UN envoy, Geir Pedersen, submitted to the UN Security Council on Friday. The UN envoy pointed to regime’s responsibility for the deadly shelling of the Qah IDP camp in rural Idlib as he stressed the need to create a safe, neutral environment and hold of free, fair elections.

Moreover, they stressed the need for the international community to fully support a ceasefire and ensure an end to the bombing of civilians in Idlib as threatening the entire political process and risk impeding the progress of the work of the Constitutional Committee. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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