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02 March 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition stressed the need to take up a tough international stance towards the daily violations, crimes and intensive shelling by the Assad regime against civilians in the countryside of Idlib and Hama. It said that the Assad regime is deliberately targeting civilians and launching deadly attacks against them.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Coalition said that such a new position by the international community “should pave the way for a comprehensive, genuine political solution in line with UN Security Council resolution 2254 and the Geneva Communique of 2012, particularly with regard to the political transition and the Transitional Governing Body (TGB) with full powers.”

The Coalition cited the numbers of civilian casualties in February resulting from the intensified bombing campaign by the Assad regime and its allies. It added that various credible reports have already confirmed that civilians are the victims of the regime’s bombings and that houses are deliberately targeted. This fact is further proved by the ration of casualties among children and women resulting from the ongoing bombing campaign on Idlib province.

“Throughout the years of the revolution, the vast majority of civilian casualties were a result of war crimes, massacres and projects at genocide and forced displacement. Very few were killed in armed confrontations of a military nature,” the Coalition said.

The Coalition continued: “Since the first day of the Syrian revolution, civilians have been the primary target of the Assad regime and its allies seeking to prevent them from achieving their goals; to preserve the regime of tyranny, oppression and criminality.”

The Coalition pointed out that the Assad regime rejected all proposals and did not respect any international agreement or resolution on the situation in Syria whatsoever, including the resolutions and agreements relating to the ceasefire and those relating to the political solution.

The Coalition called upon countries, organizations, institutions and activists from all over the world, especially those who supported the Syrian revolution at any time and in any way and those who endorsed the Syrian peoples’ aspirations and hopes to provide genuine support for the Syrian people at all levels.

The Coalition also called for commitment to supporting the Syrian people’s legitimate rights to freedom, justice, dignity and living in a democratic, pluralistic, civil state. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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