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23 April 2019 In Coalition News

President of the Syrian Coalition, Abdurrahman Mustafa, said that the opening of an office of the Coalition in the town of al-Raei in northern Aleppo, which is scheduled for tomorrow, April 24, is the beginning of a series of similar steps in the coming period. He pointed out that the Coalition will open more offices across the liberated areas, noting that the work will be divided into internal and external.

President Mustafa stressed that “the presence of the Coalition on the ground is not entirely new as many of the Coalition’s institutions have been working inside Syria for several years. Today and after important steps and efforts we take this step to open an office in Syria.”

Moreover, President Mustafa stressed that “our number one priority will be the provision of better services and the creation of jobs." "We hope that this will be reflected quickly and positively on the lives of citizens and lead to the creation of real governance in the liberated areas.”

“All of our plans in the liberated areas are centered on the provision of civilian services. These are the demands that we receive from the civilian population in these areas,” President Mustafa told Damaski news network.

“There is a need to strengthen relations and coordination between the Syrian Interim Government and local councils in the area,” President Mustafa said, adding that “plans are currently being developed to develop and restructure the Syrian Interim Government.”

“The Syrian Interim Government is operating in the Euphrates Shield, the Olive Branch areas and Rural Idlib. Outgoing head Jawad Abu Hatab and his team continue to run the Interim Government pending the selection of a new head.”

President Mustafa said that the services are the most important thing the Coalition can offer to people inside Syria, which depends on the current possibilities and funding. “We are developing our services institutions so that they are more effective in terms of the provision of services and managing the liberated areas in a way that suits the Syrian people.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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