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24 April 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition on Wednesday opened its main office in northern rural Aleppo in an official ceremony that brought together President Abdurrahman Mustafa and big attendance, including head of the Syrian Interim Government, head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, the National Army’s leaders, heads of the judiciary, representatives of Syrian tribes, the leadership of the free police, the civil defense, and civil society organizations.

The ceremony began by raising the flag of the Syrian revolution at the office in the town of Al-Raie in rural Aleppo. The ceremony also included a military parade by the National Army as well as the civilian and military police.

President Mustafa made a speech in which he stressed the importance of the move which he described as “exceptionally important and pivotal.” He expressed his hopes for the liberation of the entire Syrian territory and the transition to a free and democratic state in line with the demands the Syrian people have been making since 2011.

President Mustafa pointed out “we have always hoped for this move and that the Syrian people and the political body representing them will have an official presence at this level on their land.”

Moreover, President Mustafa stressed that the opening of the office “will allow us to be present on the ground alongside the institutions of the Syrian Interim Government, the National Army, the local councils, and civil society organizations to serve the Syrian people and provide them with the essential services.”

President Mustafa praised “the resilience and heroism the Syrian people are showing in their struggle against tyranny and the Assad regime’s ongoing war crimes.” He pointed out that “had it not been for the immense sacrifices of the Syrian people, this area would not have been liberated from the Assad forces and the other terrorist organizations.”

President Mustafa reaffirmed the Coalition’s commitment to the goals of the Syrian revolution as well as for the Syrian people’s demands and their rights. “Commitment to the guiding principles of the Syrian revolution will always guide our actions and decisions.”

“Our top priority is the respect for the law and the rights of citizens, which has long been absent from the Syrian institutions for decades of tyranny of the Assad regime.”

“Since the very outset, the Coalition has sought to establish good governance and institutions that prioritize the service of human beings, and build institutions that achieves balance between freedom and accountability; protect the dignity of citizens; and reflect the originality of this people and respect its sacrifices.”

President Mustafa called on all forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition to stand up to the many enormous challenges lying ahead. He said: “We need the support of all Syrians. Everyone need to support the Coalition’s efforts and uphold the principles of the revolution.”

He also stressed the need to strengthen coordination and the sharing of roles by all institutions to better serve the Syrian people. He also stressed the importance of establishing a good model for national action through the use of all expertise and the avoidance of failure. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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