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22 May 2019 In Coalition News

The Secretary of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee, Riyad al-Hassan, said that the Assad regime and its allies are to blame for the ongoing massacres and the tragic situation in the country, especially in northern Syria. He pointed out that the Assad regime and its allies’ ongoing military operations and targeting of medical and public facilities constituted blatant violation of international resolutions and the Astana agreements calling for a ceasefire.

Al-Hassan reaffirmed the Coalition’s support for the Free Syrian Army’s efforts to defend civilians in view of the international community's failure to put an end to the ongoing onslaught by the Assad regime and Russia on Idlib and rural Hama.

Al-Hassan expressed his disappointment at the failure of the UN Security Council to stop the regime’s bombing campaign in Idlib and rural Hama and even to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians. He pointed out that this failure was compounded by another catastrophic failure to revitalize the political process and return to the negotiations aimed at the implementation of international resolutions, most importantly the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Al-Hassan added that the gains the Free Syrian Army achieved in the last two days and its recapture of most of the areas it earlier lost to regime forces have further exposed the weaknesses of the Assad regime forces and the Iranian terrorist militias which were further compounded by the international sanctions. He stressed that the FSA fighters would continue to advance until they recapture all the areas they lost in northern rural Hama.

The Free Syrian Army groups on Tuesday launched a major counterattack and managed to recapture the town of Kifranbouda, Tal Hawash hill, and al-Hamirat in northern rural Hama.

Local activists published photos and videos of big reinforcements sent by the Free Syrian Army to the frontlines in northern rural Hama. They also published videos of ATGM (Anti-tank Guided Missile) attacks against the Assad regime forces and Iranian terrorist groups.

FSA commanders said they had inflicted heavy losses on the Assad regime and its allies in Kifranbouda and the rest of the battlefronts, stressing they will continue to press on with the counterattack until they recapture all the areas they earlier lost. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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