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03 May 2019 In Coalition News

The 45th meeting of the Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly began on Friday, mainly discussing the serious military escalation in Idlib and the fate of about three million civilians living in the province.

Members of the General Assembly stressed that the brutal bombardment by the Russian air force and the regime forces on Idlib risk undermining international efforts to restart the negotiating process and achieve a nationwide ceasefire.

The Syrian Coalition’s Strategies Committee presented a comprehensive report on the situation in Idlib. It set forth a set of recommendations to stop the violence and escalation against civilians in Idlib, warning of possible fresh waves of refugees to neighboring countries.

The General Assembly commended calls by the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, on Russia to commit to the Idlib Agreement and to abide by its provisions calling for a ceasefire in the region.

The participants reviewed the violations the Assad regime is committing in other areas across Syria, especially the arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances. Members of the General Assembly stressed that these violations amounted to war crimes requiring firm positions by the United Nations. They reiterated calls for holding those responsible accountable and the referral of Syria to the International Criminal Court.

The General Assembly will elect a new presidential body and a political committee later on Friday. It will also elect a new head of the Syrian Interim Government to succeed outgoing head Jawad Abu Hatab.

On Saturday, the Coalition will hold a press conference at its office in the countryside of Aleppo to talk about the brutal onslaught on Idlib, the results of the elections, and the action plan of the new leadership of the Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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