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08 June 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition mourned the death of the fallen hero Abdul Basset Sarout who on Saturday succumbed to injuries he suffered while fending off the Assad regime onslaught on northern Hama countryside. The Coalition extended its condolences to Sarout’s family and friends.

“Sarout passed away today, with utmost honor and making a sublime sacrifice” the Coalition said in a press release issued on Saturday, describing Sarout as a true hero and a free revolutionist.”

“Sarout was at the forefront of the peaceful Syrian revolutionaries who persisted in anti-regime demonstrations and sit-in protests. Born in Homs, the capital of the Syrian Revolution, he along with his fellow revolutionaries defended the city with all possible means before they were forced to leave the city following a brutal siege.”

The Coalition also said that Sarout was “the nightingale of the Syrian Revolution who was persistently harassed and targeted by the Assad regime.”

“As the Syrian people continue the march on the path of freedom, we lose yet new symbols of the revolution. Their loss, however, will only serve to strengthen our determination. Every new fallen hero, detainee, injured, a drop of blood, and every sacrifice for the sake of Syrians' freedom strengthens our determination and perseverance to carry on with the revolution and boosts our realization of the importance of the goals of our struggle.”

The Coalition went on: “Through the message of sacrifice and giving, we remember the fundamental goals of the revolution for which Sarout fought along with the rest of our fallen heroes, namely the goals of freedom, justice and equality.”

“Today, we bid farewell to one of the most true symbols of the Syrian revolution and whose support for the revolution did not waver a single day. Sarout will remain a prime example of the noble and free Syrian who showed utmost sincerity and devotion in the fight for the Syrian people's revolution, both in their peaceful and armed struggles. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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