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02 September 2019 In Coalition News

Head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), Abdurrahman Mustafa, stressed the importance of gaining the confidence of the Syrian people by translating the plans into real, concrete programs of action serving all civilians in the liberated areas.

Mustafa thanked the Syrian National Coalition’s General Assembly for giving confidence to the new SIG’s cabinet, stressing the importance of the complementary relationship between the political work of the Coalition and SIG’s provision of services. He said that that achieving this will support the negotiation process to find a just political solution in Syria in accordance with the UN resolutions, especially resolution 2254.

Mustafa also stressed SIG’s keenness on maintaining close coordination with the Turkish authorities as key to securing the needs to enable the work of SIG’s ministries and institutions in the liberated areas.

Moreover, Mustafa said that SIG’s vision is based on supporting civil administration in the liberated areas as key to achieving the goals and strategy of the Syrian revolution and the provision of a model for the future of Syria. He reaffirmed SIG’s keenness on maintaining the unity of Syria and respecting all social components without any discrimination.

Mustafa pointed to the "urgent need" to activate SIG’s work and enhance security and stability, stressing that the number one priority for the next stage is the upholding of the rule of law, the protection of the rights of civilians, the overcoming of political splits, and the reliance on competent people in all areas.

Furthermore, Mustafa pointed out that SIG will work to unify all military formations under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff; control weapons; and continue with the efforts to build a national army on the basis of sound, professional, military foundations so as to enable it to defend the liberated areas and assist the police force in the maintaining of security when the need arises.

The Ministry of Interior will focus on leading and managing the security and police forces in order to ensure respect for the law; establish civil peace; reduce violence; combat crime; maintain security; protect public and private property; and set up effective management for the border crossings.

He stressed the importance of the establishment of the Supreme Judicial Council; the outlining of a legal system and an independent, impartial and just judiciary; and the activation of the work of the courts and the rule of law.

Mustafa said that the areas of health and education are already part of SIG’s plans as he said that they are working on the development of programs ensuring the creation of a suitable environment that will encourage the displaced people to return to their areas. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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