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10 January 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition warned of the possible consequences of the suspension of the delivery of cross-border humanitarian aid to the Syrian people. It also warned of the dangers of providing aid exclusively through the Assad regime, pointing out that this could put the lives of millions of Syrians at risk.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the Coalition said that the reprehensible Russian-Chinese veto does not only absolve the international community of its responsibility, but also doubles it. “The international community is required to find an effective mechanism to deliver aid to the Syrian people by all means possible.”

The Coalition stressed that “the international community must not be a partner in the blockade against the Syrian people. Restricting the of entry of aid via the corrupt regime will allow it to seize this aid and use it to support its forces and militias.”

“The worsening living conditions risk triggering a fresh wave of refugees seeking a life for their families and children, which is one of their basic legitimate rights. We therefore call on the major international actors to take concrete, positive action that enables the Syrian people to have a decent life in their homeland.”

UN Security Resolution 2165 allowing the delivery of aid across the Syrian border to millions of civilians will expire at midnight on Friday if a the UN Security Council cannot reach a last-minute deal to extend its authorization. Russia and China last month vetoed a draft resolution submitted to extend the mandate. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

10 January 2020 In Coalition News

A massive demonstration on Friday took place in Idlib city to denounce the terrorism of the Assad regime and its backers and to reaffirm commitment to the goals of the Syrian revolution.

Member of the Syrian National Coalition, Najib al-Rahmon, who participated in the demonstration, stressed that the brutality of Assad and Russia will not quench the Syrians' yearning for freedom. He said that the revolution continues despite the escalating crimes by the Assad regime and its allies.

Participants in the demonstration waved the flag of the Syrian revolution and held signs that read ‘the revolution continues,’ and ‘you will go, Putin, just as Guru Henri Gouraud of France did,’ to refer the recent visit by the Russian President who was pictured standing beside the shrine of the Prophet Yahya inside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

The demonstrators emphasized that the revolution will continue until the overthrow of the regime as they chanted slogans against Russia which is propping up the Assad regime.

Towns and villages of Idlib province have been subjected to a brutal onslaught by the Assad regime and its allied militias with Russian aerial support since November 25, 2019. The bombing campaign has so far forced tens of thousands of people from their homes as well as killed and injured hundreds more. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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