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20 January 2020 In Coalition News

Secretary of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee, Riyad Al-Hassan, said that the decrees and laws being issued by the Assad regime have always been used as a tool to intimidate the Syrian people and silence any criticism of the ruling regime. He pointed out that the decrees Assad has issued lately to prevent further depreciation of the Syrian pound did not deviate from this framework.

Al-Hassan said: “Shoring up the Syrian pound cannot be achieved through presidential decrees, but by drawing up economic plans that serve the interests of the Syrian state and the Syrian people. Authoritarian regimes cannot implement financial policies that require transparency and proper management.”

“The Assad regime bears complete responsibility for the record decline in the value of the Syrian pound after it depleted the country's resources to fund its military operations against the Syrian people who demand freedom, dignity, and a democratic state that is based on justice and equality.”

Al-Hassan went on to say that the consequences of the rampant financial corruption that swept the Syrian state led to the current economic collapse, especially after the mafia close to the Assad family looted the country's wealth and smuggled it abroad.

The deep financial crisis that afflicts citizens is causing sadness and pain, Al-Hassan said. He stressed that the only way out of this crisis is the regime’s giving up of its pursuit of a military solution, a nationwide ceasefire, and revitalization of the political process to implement international resolutions on Syria, most importantly the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

20 January 2020 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee, Abdel Majeed Barakat, said that Russia is trying to obfuscate the facts by denying the Assad regime’s responsibility for the chemical attack on the town of Douma in April 2018.

Barakat pointed out that the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria has proven the involvement of the Assad regime in dozens of chemical attacks on civilians. He stressed that Russia cannot obfuscate these facts, nor can it impose alternative facts on the international community with the aim of shielding the Assad and those whose hands are stained with the blood of the Syrian people.

Moreover, Barakat said that Russia is writing a black chapter in its history by aligning itself with criminals and defending them on the UN Security Council. He indicated that this makes Russia a party and partner in the use of this type of internationally prohibited weapon.

Barakat called on the international community to take strict measures to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court in order to hold accountable Bashar Al-Assad and all those involved in chemical attacks on Syrian civilians. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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