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17 March 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian Ambassador to Qatar Nizar Al-Heraki held a press conference on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Syrian revolution. He stressed that the Syrian revolution will continue until the Syrian people regain freedom and dignity and topple the Assad regime.

Al-Heraki spoke about the latest on the ground and military developments as he pointed out that the Syrian people continue to demonstrate heroic resistance in the face of the military machine of Russia, Iran and the Assad forces.

Injustice and dictatorial rule will not last forever, Al-Heraki said, adding that the revolution continues despite all the odds and hardships, especially the international community’s failure to assume its duties towards the Syrian people and its allowing the Assad regime and its backers to commit massacres with impunity.

Al-Heraki pointed out that the sacrifices of the Syrian people will not be in vain as the Syrian people will achieve their goals no matter what. (SOC’s Media Department)

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