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01 April 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian Opposition Coalition’s (SOC) Department of Foreign Relations held its weekly meeting via video links to discuss the results of contacts with friendly countries to secure medical supplies for the Syrian Interim Government’s Ministry of Health in order to enable it to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the Department discussed the measures being taken by the Ministry of Health and its directorates and civil society organizations to prevent the outbreak of the pandemic in the liberated areas. They also discussed the situation of medical facilities and basic healthcare facilities.

They praised the considerable progress that has been made in recent weeks, especially the Ministry’s testing of the suspected cases, which all tested negative. It also set up isolation centers and sterilized the various public facilities. Members of the Department attributed the success of these efforts to the cooperation between the Ministry of Health, civil society organizations, and Turkish health directorates.

The Department members stressed the importance of continuing to communicate with friendly countries and international organizations to inform them of the latest developments and the basic needs to carry on with the campaign to confront the coronavirus. They also stressed the importance of discussing the latest developments on the ground and the political process with the major actors.

They also stressed the need for transparency and utmost care to overcome the crisis as well as for giving unfettered access to civil society organizations, international organizations, and the media to work in the liberated areas. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

01 April 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee called on the Syrian households affected by the measures being taken in Turkey to confront the coronavirus to fill in the form the Syrian Opposition Coalition put up on its website.

The move came at the request of the Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management which intends to compile lists of the most affected Syrian households and who are eligible for assistance.

The global outbreak of the pandemic caused the closure of factories, companies, and businesses, weighing on many workers, especially the Syrian refugees who are informally employed and are mostly paid per diem. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

01 April 2020 In Coalition News

Member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Colonel Fateh Hassoun, said that the Iranian militias are mainly to blame for the spread of the coronavirus in Syria. He emphasized that Iran is intentionally spreading the deadly virus in Syria, trying in various ways to spread it to all areas across Syria, including the liberated areas.

Hassoun pointed out that Iran is sending people carrying the coronavirus to die in battles in Syria rather than die in hospitals. He said that all is part of Iran policy’s aimed at destroying Syria and weaken so that it continues to impose its hegemony on the country.

Hassoun pointed out that information coming from various regions and fronts confirms the presence of cases of the virus among the ranks of the Iranian militias, especially in the town of Albukamal in rural Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and Damascus. He added that those carrying the virus are mingling with civilians as usual, which caused the outbreak of the pandemic.

He indicated that the military units knew of Russian instructions to the Russian forces to stay away from Iranian militias for fear of catching the virus.

Hassoun called on the Syrian citizens to stay away from Iranian militias and avoid interacting with them, in addition to following instructions to avoid catching the virus. (Source: SOC’s Media Department)

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