Assad Regime’s Bloody Attacks Aim to Undermine Efforts to Resume Political Process

Press Release
Syrian Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
July 17, 2019

The Assad regime continues to commit crimes against civilians despite all the warnings we have repeatedly issued to the international community. The Assad regime and its backers will continue to commit the most heinous crimes until the international community assumes its responsibilities.

A bloody attack took place on Tuesday when the Assad regime warplanes carried out three airstrikes on a popular market in the center of the town of Ma’arshourin in rural Idlib. The blatant crime resulted in the deaths of nine civilians and the injury of more than 15 others, including some in critical condition. The attack also caused massive damage and fires in civilian homes and shops.

The international community, which continues with its indifference and inaction, is to blame for the brutality of the regime which is exploiting what it sees an international green light to carry on with the murder, destruction and criminality.

These attacks, crimes and bloody attacks are clearly aimed at undermining the efforts of the UN envoy to resume the political process. The Syrian people, meanwhile, see the silence of the international community and the sponsors of the political solution about these crimes as amounting to partnership in the aggression against them.

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