Friday, 07 June 2013 14:00

Russia's Skepticism towards the Syrian Coalition

Media Statement
Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
June 07, 2013

The Assad regime's agreement to take part in the Geneva II Conference holds little meaning, unless the regime adheres to the fundamental aim of the Geneva agreement, which is to create a democratic transition and put an end to Assad’s dictatorship. Statements by regime spokespersons have not been encouraging thus far, as they seize every opportunity to be evasive, buy time, and gain control on the ground.
These brazen maneuvers come alongside contradictory statements from Russia that cast doubt on the Syrian Coalition's position toward the Geneva II Conference. These statements stipulate that Assad remain in power until 2014, even if this means that more innocent people will be killed. These stipulations fail to take into account the urgency that drives the Syrian people to persevere with their revolution until Assad departs.
The regime's current tactics of terrorizing civilians, destroying the country's institutions and decimating its future, do not give any indication that the regime intends to end the crisis. These are the real obstacle to all conceivable solutions.
The Syrian Coalition reiterates its original position, affirming its readiness to consider any political solution that puts an end to all forms of violence, preserves remaining state institutions, and realizes the aspirations of the Syrian people that lay at the heart of the revolution.

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