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Monday, 20 January 2020 20:02

Report: Nearly 5,000 Households Flee Regime Bombardment on Rural Aleppo on Sunday

The mass exodus of civilians from southern and western rural Aleppo continues as the Assad regime and its Russian ally have intensified the bombing campaign on the region recently.

The Emergency Response Coordinators Team said that no fewer than 4,700 households (or 26,800 people) fled the region towards the Turkish border on Sunday, 73 percent of whom are women and children.

The team said that about 10, 200 people sought refuge in relatively safer towns and villages near the Turkish border, while 8,500 more settled in the IDP camps. It pointed out that 4,500 people fled to the Olive Branch region, while 3,500 others sought refuge in the Euphrates Shield region.

The Team called on local bodies to provide shelters for the new arrivals as it called on humanitarian organizations to step up humanitarian operations in the region.

Towns and villages in western and southern rural Aleppo have been subjected to violent artillery and rocket shelling as well as intense airstrikes by the Assad regime and Russian forces since January 16. The bombardment has killed and injured dozens of people as well as forced thousands to flee their homes. It also caused massive material damage. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)