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On Announcement of Death of ISIS’s Leader

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
October 27, 2019

The US President Donald Trump’s announcement of the death of the leader of the ISIS terrorist group represents an important chapter in the course of the struggle against terrorism in Syria and the region. For the past several years, the Syrian people have been subjected to numerous crimes at the hands of this terrorist group, including mass murder, execution, and detention.

The death of al-Baghdadi represents an important step on the road to eradicate ISIS and begin to undo the devastation it caused and end the utter chaos it spread, taking into account the organic relationship between this terrorist organization since its inception with the Assad regime.

The roots and beginnings of this organization, which adopted slogans that lured some young people, both in terms of the situation in Iraq and later towards the situation in Syria, are well known. Only short-sighted people forget that the Assad regime is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the region. Indeed, the Assad regime directly supported this organization and its likes; allowed it to grow and fester; and used it to fight the revolution and the Free Syrian Army and to terrorize and intimidate the whole world.

The Syrian National Coalition reasserts that the best way to defeat terrorist organizations in Syria and the region comes with the end of the Assad regime and the establishment of a just, good governance.

The Coalition’s political leadership reaffirms its commitment to the demands of the Syrian people, the rule of law, and addressing the root causes of chaos in Syria. The Syrian people strongly reject the existence of any extremist organizations in Syria as they are well aware that they are linked to the Assad regime and that it is responsible for bringing them in just as it has brought the Iranian terrorism into the country. The restoration of stability to Syria and the region is contingent upon the defeat of tyranny; ending the foreign occupation; and the ousting of all terrorist militias and organizations from Syria.

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