Monday, 18 February 2013 11:25

Syrian Coalition condemns interference by Hezbollah and Iran in Syria

Egypt, Cairo - 18 Feb. 2013

There have been many documented instances of Iranian backed Hizbullah forces committing crimes, murder, and violation of personal property against innocent Syrian civilians. Hizbullah has supported the Assad regime from the beginning of the revolution in its so-called opposition to “foreign conspiracies” which has only led to destruction and terror of innocent Syrians. The most recent took place in the al-Qaseer region, near Homs.

By calling for the formation of forces that specialize in urban warfare as a way to support the Assad regime, the Iranian leadership is now issuing statements that are not only a gross interference in the affairs of the Syrian people but could be understood as a declaration of war against Syrians.

Iran’s intervention through Hizbullah is an unjustifiable and undeniable violation of international law as well as national sovereignty.

The National Coalition of Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Forces strongly condemns these repeated violations by Hizbullah. These actions that echo Iranian statements are reminiscent of colonialism and demonstrate the desperation of the Iranian regime clearly illustrating the regime’s inability to balance immediate interests against ideological posturing.

It is important to note that any progress on a political solution is dependent on the seriousness shown by the international community and its institutions in supporting the initiatives proposed by the National Coalition. The regime should face the prospect of direct international intervention if it fails to comply with already agreed conditions.

A political solution without binding mechanisms will present another opportunity for the Assad regime to continue with the killing and destruction it has been inflicting daily on the Syrian people.

The interim political committee of the National Coalition has clearly defined the steps necessary for a political solution. To achieve such a solution, the international community needs to guarantee the commitment of the Assad regime to end its repeated aggression against its own people.

We ask God to for mercy on our martyrs, a quick recovery for our wounded, and freedom for our prisoners. Long live Syria it’s people free and with honor.

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