24 Hours of Russian Airstrikes Kill 75 Civilians in Douma

The Russian air force committed a new massacre in Syrian today hitting a market in the district of Douma, near Damascus, with ten guided missiles, killing 55 civilians and wounding 125 others, including women and children in an initial toll.

This is the second massacre committed by the Russian invaders in less than 24 hours, as the Russian jet fighters bombed Douma’s only hospital, killing 20 civilians and wounding dozens more in addition to destroying the hospital.

According to a report prepared by the Syrian Coalition’s media office, nearly 1,716 people, including 172 children and 125 women, were killed in the first month of the Russian aggression on Syria. The Russian air force has begun bombing Syria since September 30.

The highest number of victims was recorded in Aleppo, with 508 people killed, followed by Damascus with 343 victims, and Homs with 249 people killed. (Source: Syrian Coalition)