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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 16:33

80 Civilians Killed and Dozens Wounded in Russian Airstrikes on Northern Syria

 The Russian air force carried out several massacres on Tuesday, in which around 80 civilians and were killed and dozens injured in brutal air raids on rural Aleppo and rural Idlib. Many children and women were among the victims.

A total of 25 Russian airstrikes hit liberated areas in Aleppo and Idlib provinces yesterday morning. An airstrike targeting a residential neighborhood in the town of Marstah al-Khan north of Aleppo left 10 civilians killed and 12 more wounded. Two civilians were also killed in a similar attack on the nearby town of Hayyan.

Russian warplanes also conducted 15 airstrikes on the ISIS-held town of Manbej northeast of Aleppo, killing 25 civilians, including three children.

In Idlib province, at least 20 civilians were killed and many more were injured in violent Russian airstrikes on the town of Sarmada north of Idlib.

Russian warplanes also struck the town of Maart al-Nouman in rural Idlib, killing 10 civilians, including a child and a civil defense worker. A civilian was killed and many more wounded in a similar attack on the town of Saraqib.

On Monday, 35 civilians were killed and over 20 more were wounded after Russian warplanes bombed the town of Ain Jaraa west of Aleppo.

Southern rural Aleppo has been witnessing fierce fighting between rebel fighters and pro-regime foreign militias who are backed by close Russian and regime air cover. (Source: Syrian Coalition)