Monday, 03 December 2018 23:28

Al-Tih Local Council Urges Intervention to Help People Fleeing of Assad Forces’ Intensified Shelling

The local council in the town of Al-Tih in rural Idlib called on the humanitarian organizations to help the people fleeing the Assad regime and allies’ intensified rocket and artillery shelling.

In a statement on Sunday, the Council pointed out that people of Al-Tih town have been displaced several times. It noted that the town was home to around 20,000 people, 6,000 of whom were displaced from other towns and villages.

The council said that 50 percent of the town's inhabitants had been displaced to farmlands and 30 percent to neighboring villages and IDPs camps, while 20 percent remained in the town.

The council pointed out that the displaced households are in urgent need for shelter, relief aid, and heating equipment. Their plight has been worsened by falling temperatures affecting tens of thousands of IDPs.

The towns of al-Tih and Jarjanaz in southern and eastern rural Idlib have been subjected to intense rockets and artillery shelling by the Assad regime's forces in recent weeks. The shelling has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties and forced thousands of residents to flee to farmlands and villages surrounding the two towns.

According to the Emergency Response Coordinators in Northern Syria, the heavy shelling has so far forced around 2,660 families to flee the town of Jarjanaz and 2,700 others to flee the town of Al-Tih to relatively safer areas over the past week.

The Syrian Coalition earlier said that the Assad regime and Iranian militias are avidly seeking to sabotage the Idlib agreement and are committing massacres in search of justifications to disrupt the political process. It pointed out that the Russian-Assad alliance and its supporters will continue to manipulate the political process solution whenever a chance arises.

The Coalition called upon the international community to take urgent action, especially with regards to saving the lives of civilians; stopping the war crimes; and enforcing the international resolutions on Syria, most importantly UN resolution 2254. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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