Thursday, 30 October 2014 10:34

Besieged East Ghouta Produces Biogas

The "Biogas Project” team in Harasta, East Ghouta, succeeded in producing biogas that was used for extraction of groundwater last summer to overcome the lack of water caused by the siege laid by the Assad regime. The project was supervised by the local council and supported by the interim Ministry of Infrastructure. Omar Mustafa, the manager of the project, said that it saves 70 percent of the diesel needed to run the pumps used in extracting the groundwater, and covers the needs of the entire district of Harasta. Approximately 230 barrels of drinking water is extracted every day, prompting the repetition of the project on a larger scale in other parts of East Ghouta. The extracted water will also be used to irrigate crops to evade the high costs of extracting groundwater. The project will also help reduce the effects of pollution caused by animal and vegetable waste, while providing organic fermented fertilizer that does not attract household insects. The biodegradation of organic matter result in producing inflammable gas that is safer for domestic use than the natural gas. The Projects Office is currently seeking to submit new technical study to Ministry to develop the experiment and make more productive and cost-effective and so that it is implemented in all seasons of the year. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Syrian Interim Government)

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