Thursday, 21 November 2019 17:52

Iranian Militias Launch Bloody Attack on Qah IDP Camp in Rural Idlib

As many as 20 people were killed and 46 others injured, the majority of whom were children, in aerial bombardment by Russian jets and Assad regime helicopters as well as shelling by Iranian militias on an IDP camp near the village of Qah.

Iranian militias fighting alongside the Assad regime forces killed 12 civilians, including seven children and three women, and wounded 30 others when they fired a ballistic missile carrying cluster munitions on Qah IDP camp near the Turkish border.

Russian airstrikes killed six civilians, including four children and a woman, and injured 11 others, including three children and three in the town of Ma'ret al-Nouman in rural Idlib. A civilian died of wounds he sustained in previous Russian airstrikes on the town.

Russian airstrikes also killed a civilian and injured one another in the town of Jabala south of Idlib, while two civilians were injured in similar attacks on the town of Bedama, Kefranbel, Kafar Sijna, Maret Hurma, Al-Bara, Haas, Tal al-Sheih, Mushairafa, and Umm Jalal in rural Idlib.

The Syrian Civil Defense said that the bombardment and shelling by the Assad regime, Russia Air Force, and Iranian militias targeted at least 12 locations in Idlib province on Wednesday. It said that it had counted no fewer than 27 airstrikes, 11 heavy artillery shells, and a ballistic missile loaded with cluster bomblets, and six barrel bombs that hit the province. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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