100 Civilians Died Yesterday as Assad Puts New Russian Weapons to Use

The Syrian Coalition condemns the brutal massacres committed by the Assad regime yesterday when over 100 civilians were killed in aerial attacks across Syria, calling upon the UN Security Council to condemn these attacks and bring their perpetrators to justice. It also calls for taking concrete actions in response to these attacks; most importantly issuing a binding resolution to stop Assad’s deliberate bombing of unarmed civilians.

The Assad regime stated that it had put the new Russian weapons it received lately to use, with images and videos flowing from Aleppo, Dara’a Raqqa, Zabadani and Douma showing the aftermath of the regime’s deadly aerial bombardment of residential areas.

Moreover, around 24 civilians were killed and many more wounded a regime’s barrel bomb attack on a market in the town of Bosra al-Sham in rural Dara’a.

The Syrian Coalition stresses that any attempt by Russia or Iran to rehabilitate the Assad regime politically and militarily are doomed to fail with a crumbling regime that has lost legitimacy. It warns that such attempts will have disastrous results on the Syrian people and on the efforts aimed at reaching a political solution.

Increased violence by the Assad regime will lead to a further surge of extremist groups and will exacerbate the refugee crisis as more Syrians will find themselves forced to risk their lives in perilous journeys to Europe. (Source: Syrian Coalition)