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Friday, 24 July 2015 17:01

13 Civilians Killed in Air Raid on Western Al-Ghariya

Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition Salem al-Meslet calls upon the international community "to look with the eye of humanity at the terrible massacres committed by Assad’s air raids turning bodies of Syrian children to shreds. We hope these scenes will prompt the international community to take effective action to rein in this terrorist regime whose crimes are unparalleled in modern history.”

Meslet wonders “what are the interests that prevent the international community from curbing Assad’s warplanes shedding of the blood of our children? Is there an interest greater than preserving the lives of innocent people, particularly children's lives?"

Yesterday, Assad’s air force committed a horrific massacre in the town of western Al-Gharaiya where civilians, including children and women, were killed and whose bodies were torn to pieces.

The Syrian Coalition renews calls on the international community to speed up the arming of the Free Syrian Army with anti-aircraft weapons and to establish safe areas in northern and southern Syria. (Source: Syrian Coalition)