18 Civilians Killed in Barrel Bomb Attack on Rural Aleppo

The Assad regime committed a horrific massacre in the village of al-Bureij northeast of Aleppo where 18 civilians were killed and dozens wounded in a barrel bomb attack that targeted the town. Twenty-six civilians were also killed yesterday when Assad’s air force pounded the neighborhood of Al-Maghayer in Aleppo, killing 26 civilians, mostly children and women.

The Syrian Coalition extends condolences to families of the victims and wishes the wounded speedy recovery, praising the steadfastness of the people of Aleppo and stressing its solidarity with them. “Despite all the odds, the Syrian people will not hesitate to uphold the rights to freedom, justice and dignity. The Syrians’ belief their goals will grow even stronger, inspired by the determination of those who sacrificed their lives to continue the revolution until victory is achieved.”

The Syrian Coalition emphasizes that the Assad regime’s continued atrocities lay responsibility on the international community to protect Syrian civilians through the imposition of a safe areas to rein in Assad’s air force. All kinds of legal recognition of the Assad regime must be withdrawn, as it would not have committed all these atrocities had it not been for its confidence of the inaction of the international community. (Source: Syrian Coalition)