22 Civilians Killed in Air Raids on Naseeb and Jiza in Rural Dara’a

Nasr al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, said that “the massacres committed by regime forces in the towns of Naseeb and Jiza and the rest of Syrian cities represent a flagrant challenge to the forces of the international anti-terrorism coalition and un unashamed violation of the international law and the charters of human rights.” Hariri’s remarks followed the death of more than 22 civilians in air strikes launched by Assad’s air force on the towns of Naseeb and Jiza in rural Dara’a. “These air raids against civilian targets come as a retaliation to the Free Syrian Army’s progress in the area and its capture of strategic checkpoints, most notably the Um al-Maiyaden checkpoint. These massacres also represents a real test for the seriousness of the international community in fighting terrorism. Moreover, our repeated calls for putting an end to Assad’s massacres against civilians should not be seen as mere imploring, but a moral and legal obligation. The inaction and the failure to stop Assad’s killing machine is in fact a direct participation in these crimes. However, all these air raids and barrel bombs that have been rained on the people of Dara’a will not be able to weaken their resolve and determination to regain their rights.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)