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Monday, 06 January 2020 15:39

Al-Farhan: Coalition is Working with Int’l Community to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to those in Need

Yasser Al-Farhan, member of the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee, stressed that the Coalition is still working with the international community to establish an effective mechanism to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need in Syria. He pointed out that he had sent several memoranda to the UN Security Council calling for taking effective measures to save civilians and salvage the credibility of the United Nations.

In an interview with the Arabi 21 newspaper, Al-Farhan said that the Coalition memoranda included several proposals, including calls to consider Russia a party to the conflict in accordance with Chapter VI and Paragraph 3 of Article 52 and enforce Paragraph 3 of Article 27 of the United Nations Charter which prevents Russia from voting on any draft resolution on Syria.

According to Al-Farhan, the Coalition called for finding a formula to refer Syria to an international coalition or to the United Nations in order to take measures deterring the Assad regime in cases of non-compliance with international resolutions.

Moreover, Al-Farhan stressed the need for the cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid by renewing the UN Security Council resolutions 2165 (2014) and 2449 (2018) or by finding another formula to avoid the veto which has been repeatedly used to disrupt the international consensus on the UN Security Council.

He pointed out that the Assad regime wants to monopolize humanitarian aid and use it for political, military and economic purposes. “In other words, the regime is seeking to strip the UN aid of its humanitarian purposes.”

Al-Farhan said that the Assad regime is seeking to politicize humanitarian aid by distributing it to its supporters thus depriving the Syrians most in need in the liberated areas. The regime is also seeking to revive its crumbling economy by selling the UN aid to its supporters with the complicity of relief organizations working for it. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)