Friday, 26 July 2019 20:02

Al-Jazeera and Al-Furat Committee Holds Series of Meetings with Local Committees Regarding East of the Euphrates

The Syrian Coalition’s Al-Jazeera and Al-Furat Committee held a series of meetings with various local committees in rural Aleppo and discussed with them the latest developments in east of the Euphrates region, the mechanism to set up local councils, and the participation of the local population in the management of their areas.

The Committee met with representatives of the Deir Ezzor Displaced People Commission, the political committee of the eastern region of Jarablus, dignitaries of the town of Al-Bukamal, and the National Eastern Conglomerate. Participants in the meeting stressed the importance of communication between the Syrian Coalition and the people who were displaced from the eastern region.

Okab Yahya, Vice-president of the Coalition and Coordinator of the Committee, said that that Coalition gives special importance to the future of the eastern region, especially in light of the US-Turkish understandings to establish a safe zone east of the Euphrates River and preparations to allow the people of the region to manage their own areas without the intervention of the PYD militia.

Yahya pointed out that the Committee recveived numerous complaints about the way relief aid is distributed to the people in the eastern region and about manipulation of the formation of local councils in the region, such as the imposition of some personalities on these councils.

For his part, Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Basit Abdul Latif said that the Coalition is working to remove all the obstacles facing the people of the eastern region. He described the meetings as “positive and fruitful” and said: “We exchanged valuable views and visions for the future of east of the Euphrates region.”

Abdul Latif pointed out that the Coalition will work to strengthen the relationship and communications with the people of the eastern region in cooperation with the Syrian Interim Government, adding that this will reflect positively on those people’s ability to manage their own areas. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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