Thursday, 08 September 2016 18:52

Alfahd: Russia Is the Biggest Supporter of Terrorism, US Went Back on Its Promises

Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Ilah Alfahd said that Russia is one of the biggest supporters of terrorism. He added that the United States has repeatedly reneged on the promises it made to the Syrian people and to the Free Syrian Army.

Alfahd said that Moscow has been supporting Assad with weapons, including internationally banned weapons and military advisors. Russia also sent over 90 warplanes to assist regime forces.

Alfahd pointed out that the solution to the Syrian crisis is in the hands of Russia and the United States whose conflicting interests have so far impeded reaching a solution. He added that the Americans and Russians seek to serve their interests at the expense of the Syrian people.

Alfahd expressed deep regret over the inability of the international community to break the sieges regime forces impose on rebel-held towns and cities across Syria and to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians trapped inside those areas.

The Coalition’s secretary-general hailed Turkey’s support for the Free Syrian Army to liberate northern Syria from ISIS, stressing that Turkey has the right to protect its security, people and its borders.

Alfahd pointed out that the Russians repeatedly reaffirmed continued support for the Assad regime during meetings with officials from the Syrian Coalition.

The Syrian opposition does not have a problem with the Alawite community in Syria, but with Bashar al-Assad and his clique, Alfahd said, adding that the Syrian Coalition held several meetings, public and secret, with Alawite dissidents who were then imprisoned and punished by the Assad regime.

Alfahd stressed that the Syrian Coalition seeks to achieve peace, democracy and freedom for all Syrians and to build a state where all citizens have equal rights.

Alfahd concluded his remarks by stressing that Bashar al-Assad should not be given any role in the transitional period or in the future of Syria as he is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Syrians and for the displacement of more than half the Syrian population. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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