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Friday, 17 April 2015 20:02

Assad Bomb Idlib With Chlorine Gas as UNSC Looks into Evidence of Previous CW Attacks

Activists in Idlib and surrounding areas have reported over 43 civilian suffocation cases after Assad’s air force dropped six barrel bombs, four of which contain poisonous chlorine gas, on residential areas inside the city and in the towns of Tamana’a and Kafr Najd.

Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition Nagham al-Ghadiri said that these attacks coincide with a hearing session by the members of the UN Security Council of testimonies on the Assad regime’s use toxic gases in the town of Sarmin in March, which reveals the position of the Assad regime on those meetings and utter disregard for them.

“The Assad regimes’ persistence in using chemical weapons against civilians is due to the UN Security Council’s failure to take deterrent action against the Assad regime. Yesterday’s chlorine attack on Idlib and rest of the Assad regime’s crimes make it imperative for the international community to impose a no-fly zone and establish safe havens in Syria to provide protection for civilians." (Source: Syrian Coalition)