Assad Crimes and Russian Aggression Spread Chaos and Instability

The Local Coordination Committees documented 81 people killed yesterday across Syria by regime forces backed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Hezbollah militia. Many of the victims were also killed by Russian airstrikes including 5 children and 6 women. 3 people died under torture in Assad’s prisons. 

Russian warplanes hit the town of Soura in Dara’a province and FSA positions in northern rural Aleppo, which allowed ISIS militants to advance on a number of rebel-held villages in the area. 

Russian airstrikes also targeted a secondary school and a power generator in the town of Jisr al-Shughur, causing civilian casualties. They also hit the villages of al-Tamana’a and southern Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

Member of the political committee Fuad Aliko said that continued targeting of civilian areas and infrastructure by Russian airstrikes and Assad forces will further spread chaos and instability and will help ISIS to grow and fester in Syria.

Aliko pointed out that targeting infrastructure increases the suffering of Syrians, and is a war crime punishable under international law.

On Wednesday, the UK House of Commons voted in favor of Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to deploy the Royal Air Force to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria as part of the US-led coalition against the extremist group.

Prime Minister David Cameron stressed that the campaign against ISIS required political and diplomatic action in addition to the military action. He made it clear that Britain would work tirelessly with international partners to bring about a political solution in Syria that would allow the formation of a new government in Damascus without Assad. This new government, Cameron said, would become a partner in the fight against ISIS. (Source: Syrian Coalition)