Thursday, 25 February 2016 19:48

Berro: PYD’s Siding with Assad Contradicts the Kurds’ Anti-dictatorship Stance

President of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) Ibrahim Berro said that the council has chosen to be in the right position among the ranks of the Syrian opposition. He added that the KNC has representatives in the Syrian Coalition and in the opposition High Negotiations Committee. Berro condemned the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) siding with the Assad regime against the Syrian revolution.

Berro was speaking at a meeting with the Syrian Coalition’s representative to Germany Bassam Abdullah in Berlin on Wednesday.

Berro said that the PYD’s siding with Assad in the ongoing conflict stands in stark contrast to the Kurds’ long-lived resistance and rejection of dictatorship and fascism.

The meeting discussed the KNC’s position on the latest developments on the ground in Syria and the prospects of the political process in light of the continued Russian bombing of civilians and the mainstream armed opposition. Both sides denounced the PYD-backed militias for taking advantage of the Russian bombing campaign to advance on rebel-held towns and villages north of Aleppo.

Abdullah praised the KNC’s clear denouncement of the PYD’s practices in Syria, stressing that the PYD and their allied militias do not and will never represent Syria’s Kurds in any international forum. He added that the PYD and their allies will remain a heterogeneous bunch of opportunistic militants who do not have any principles or morals.

Both sides stressed the importance of full coordination between the offices of the opposition High Negotiations Committee and the KNC in Geneva in order to reach the best results and foil attempts by Assad and Russia to divide the Syrian opposition in any possible future peace talks. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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