Saturday, 09 March 2019 21:29

Civilian Casualties on the Rise in the Demilitarized Zone as Assad Regime’s Violations Continue

Renewed violations by the Assad regime and its allies in rural Idlib and rural Hama have so far killed more than 100 civilians, including many women and children as well forced thousands to flee towards camps near the Turkish border.

The Emergency Response Coordinators Team in northern Syria said that the ongoing bombing campaign and the daily targeting of towns and villages in rural Idlib and Hama have killed more than 101 civilians and injured more than 350 others since early February.

In figures the Team compiled regarding the humanitarian and field conditions in the demilitarized area, the Team on Friday said that the military actions by the Assad forces and their allies have forced around 14,226 families out of their homes. It noted that more families are fleeing as the shelling on the area continued unabated.

The Team said that the shelling targeted more than 92 towns and villages, including towns and villages in rural Hama, 35 others in rural Idlib, and 15 in Aleppo. The Assad regime’s air force bombed more than 10 towns and villages in rural Idlib.

Activists in rural Idlib on Friday said that five people were wounded in violent shelling by the Assad regime forces and their allied militias on the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Al-Deir Al-Sharqi, Maarashimarin, and Talminas, and Sukeik in southern rural Idlib and the villages of Badama, Maarand and Najia.

Activists in rural Hama said that the Assad forces intensified their shelling on the towns and villages in the area. They said that regime forces carried out heavy artillery and rocket shelling on the towns of Kafr Zeita, the Tal al-Sakhr, Hasaraya, Qalqat al-Madiq, Tuwayneh, Huwiz, Beit al-Ras. The shelling caused many casualties among civilians.

The Syrian Coalition earlier stressed the need to put an end to the violations and crimes and daily shelling by the Assad regime forces on civilians in rural Idlib and Hama. It said that the Assad regime is deliberately targeting civilians and launching deadly attacks against them.

The Coalition called for holding to account those responsible for breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement as well as for implementing the agreed upon monitoring and follow-up mechanisms. It also called for preventing the regime from using the agreement as a means of concealment and impunity. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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