Saturday, 03 September 2016 00:04

Civilian Convoy Fleeing Northern Rural Hama Hit by Airstrikes, 50 Killed

At least 50 civilians were killed and many more injured when Assad regime jets hit a convoy carrying civilians fleeing the town of Souran in northern rural Hama late on Thursday. The Syrian Coalition condemned the attack on the convoy, stressing that such a heinous crime would not have taken place had it not been for the international community’s inaction and total silence. “This silence has given the Assad regime a license to carry on with its killing, maiming, and displacing of civilians in Syria,” the Coalition said.

Activists said that a total of 108 civilians were killed across Syria on Thursday, including 19 children and 13 women.
The Coalition stressed that “this vicious attack on women and children fleeing the bombs Assad’s jets were raining on their town adds to the endless litany of heinous crimes the Assad regime has committed in Syria.”

“This heinous crime demonstrates that taking revenge on unarmed civilians has been the Assad regime’s modus operandi since day one.”

Hama provisional council sent pleas for help to meet the needs of tens of thousands of people fleeing the regime’s airstrikes on northern rural Hama. The council announced it has set up an emergency room to relieve the civilians fleeing northern rural Hama.

The Coalition pointed out that this crime “is clearly part of the regime plans to empty specific areas of its inhabitants by barbaric bombardment.”

The Coalition called upon governments of brotherly and friendly countries to take concrete action to stop the ongoing bloody massacre committed by the Assad regime in Syria. “It is imperative that these governments assume their responsibilities towards protecting the Syrian people especially since the United Nations failed to maintain peace and security,” it said.

“The UN has ignored evacuation deals that were imposed by the Assad regime on residents of a number of areas across Syria in blatant violation of international humanitarian law and of the resolutions the UN adopted itself,’ the Coalition added. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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