Wednesday, 07 August 2019 19:45

Coalition Holds Meeting with Syrian Communities in Mersin & Hatay to Strengthen Communication

The Syrian National Coalition’s Communities Office held several meetings with representatives of the Syrian communities in the Turkish provinces of Mersin and Hatay and discussed with them the situation of Syrian refugees and residents in Turkey. They also discussed the importance of bringing all Syrians under the roof of the communities and engaging them in the decision-making.

The Coordinator of the Office, Mohammad Yahya Maktabi, stressed the importance of continuous communication between the Coalition and all Syrian communities across Turkey. He underscored the importance of Syrian communities everywhere in the world as “having a pivotal role in the current phase and in the future.”

Maktabi said that these communities have important roles in the social and cultural framework, especially in terms of bringing Syrians together under one roof, stressing that the communities should serve as the umbrella bringing together all Syrians.

Participants in the meeting reviewed the results of the latest meeting the Coalition President Anas al-Abdah held with the Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, especially the formation of the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee to follow up on the affairs of Syrian refugees in Turkey and solve the problems facing them.

Maktabi stressed that there is no change in Turkish state policies with regards to the Syrian refugees pointing out that the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee is now receiving all Syrian requests to discuss and develop appropriate solutions.

Moreover, Maktabi listened to some of the problems facing the Syrian refugees and to proposals and solutions to these problems. He promised to pass these problems to the joint committee and the Turkish authorities in order to discuss them and find the best solutions.

The participants also reviewed the latest political developments in Syria and the formation of the Constitutional Committee. Maktabi stressed that the Assad regime continues to obstruct all international efforts to reinvigorate the political process.

He pointed out that the Assad regime and its allies’ insistence on stalling the political process confirmed their attempts to impose a political solution outside the framework of international resolutions and their insistence on bloody military solutions, the latest of which are the brutal bombings in Idlib and rural Hama. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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