Wednesday, 11 July 2018 19:30

Coalition Official: Assad Became Mere Instrument Outside Int’l Calculus

An official in the Syrian Coalition said that Bashar al-Assad is fooling his supporters into believing that he is wining. On the contrary, Assad has fallen outside the regional and international calculus.

In an article published in the Anadolu Agency on Tuesday, former Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition Abdulilah Fahd said that the Assad regime have become a mere puppet as Russia is the one who is calling the shots in Syria now and negotiating Syrian rebels on the ground and in political forums.

Fahd pointed out that Assad’s supporters ignore the fact that Assad long ago fell out of regional and international calculus, citing the negotiations that took place in areas close to his residence but in which he did not have any role.

The Assad regime was also forced to accept the 12-principles paper agreed between the Syrian Negotiations Commission and the United Nations after it had rejected the paper during talks in Geneva, Fahd added.

Fahd, who is also member of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, noted that the Assad regime, which repeatedly announced it would adhere to the 2012 Constitution, is now obliged to abide by international resolutions calling for replacing the 2012 Constitution with a constitution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people. Fahd added that the Assad regime finally agreed to present a list of candidates for the Constitutional Committee.

"It is no secret that the Assad regime no longer has a real presence and will not be able to achieve security and stability in Syria anymore.”

Fahd went on to say that Assad has become "a mere tool who is being handed over a list of things to be done and instructions to follow without being able even to discuss them. He said that Assad is now being forced to implement international agreements and understandings, especially those reached between the United States and Russia with regards to serious engagement in the political process that is based on the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254. The United Sates and other countries still commit to this resolution which will lead to a political transition without Assad.

Fahd concluded his remarks by stressing that the Syrian revolution is not defeated after seven and a half years, but succeeded in weakening the regime and made it embattled at the regional and international levels. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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