Tuesday, 08 October 2019 20:32

Coalition Vice-President Discusses Situation East of Euphrates with French Political Advisor

Vice-President of the Syrian National Coalition, Oqab Yahya, met with French political advisor on Syria, Fabrice Desplechin and discussed with him the upcoming military operation east of the Euphrates River.

Yahya pointed out that the Coalition attached great importance to the areas east of the Euphrates River and developed a clear vision for them that is based on allowing the local population to manage their areas. He also said that the Coalition formed the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates Committee which held various meetings to discuss security, administrative and social issues in the region.

Yahya pointed out that the Committee conducted several studies to form effective local councils under the umbrella of the Syrian Interim Government’s Ministry of Local Administration and developed plans to establish police stations tasked with maintaining security and stability.

He said that the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) has come a long way in forming a professional national army under the political leadership of the Coalition and in ending factionalism that prevailed in the past period. He pointed out that SIG’s Head Abdurrahman Mustafa announced a merger between the Syrian National Army and the National Liberation Front a few days ago.

Moreover, Yahya stressed the importance of ending the PYD militia’s control of the region as terrorist organization, adding that those militias still have a strong relationship with the Assad regime and are associated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). “The decision-makers in this organization are not even Syrians, but came from the Qandil Mountains.”

Yahya pointed out that the Coalition is constantly receiving reports on violations and crimes this militia is committing against all social components in the region, calling on states that provide support to the PYD militia to end this support. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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