Tuesday, 10 September 2019 22:26

Department of Government Affairs Convenes to Discuss SIG’s Work in Liberated Areas

The Syrian National Coalition’s Department of Government Affairs on Tuesday convened to discuss the first steps the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) made to start its work in the liberated areas. The meeting was chaired by the Coalition President Anas al-Abda.

Members of the Department talked with SIG’s Head Abdurrahman Mustafa and SIG’s Ministers via a video link. The Department stressed the need for giving priority to the ensuring of security and stability in the liberated areas as well as to the improvement of education and health services.

Members of the Department said that the provision of security and essential services for the civilian population “is of paramount importance” and key to encouraging the return of the IDPs to their homes; boosting the economic activity in the region; and the creation of new jobs.

Moreover, members of the Department asserted their full support for SIG’s vision and plan of action as they pledged to facilitate its work. They also expressed the hope that SIG will receive the necessary support from donors to enable it carry out its plans and programs.

For his part, SIG’s Abdurrahman Mustafa said that the inauguration of his new cabinet took place in "a democratic atmosphere that every Syrian can take pride in,” pointing out that SIG’s work will complement the Coalition’s political vision.

Mustafa pointed out that the SIG gives priority to raising the level of coordination among SIG’s ministries and the civil, security and military institutions, adding that the liberated areas will witness considerable improvement in the coming period, especially in the areas of security and stability. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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