Dozens Killed in Retaliatory Attacks on Idlib

Following the defeat of Assad regime forces in Idlib by rebel groups, including units affiliated to the Free Syrian Army, it retaliated in Idlib and Dara’a, killing over 50 civilians by indiscriminate shelling.

Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition Salem al-Meslet calls for “the establishment of a no-fly zone in northern Syria, including over Idlib to protect civilians on the ground from Assad and the Iranian occupiers’ retaliatory attacks who have recently suffered humiliating defeats in Idlib and Dara’a.”

Meslet also calls upon the Friends of Syria to impose safe protected havens in northern and southern Syria and to provide rebels with advanced weapons needed to protect Syrian civilians from the attacks of the Assad regime, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and ISIS.

Moreover, Meslet warns that the Assad regime will launch retaliatory attacks against Idlib which rebel fully liberated, laying responsibility for the safety of civilians and the safety of residential areas and state institutions on the UN Security Council.

Following the rebels’ liberation of Idlib, Assad’s air force conducted multiple air strikes on the residential neighborhoods, killing more than 32 civilians from one family.

In rural Dara’a to the south, a car bomb exploded yesterday in the town of Al-Giza, killing 15 civilians at least, including children, and injuring 40 others. Residents of the town said the explosion caused huge damage as it targeted a crowded public square in the center of the town. (Source: Syrian Coalition)