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Thursday, 22 May 2014 12:36

France Upgrades Status to Diplomatic Mission; Coalition Calls for More Substantial Support

Munther Makhous, the Syrian Coalition representative in France, calls on Paris to increase its support for the Syrian opposition beyond the upgrading of the status of the Paris delegation of the SNC to a diplomatic mission. “The French president pledged that he would give the Paris office of the Syrian Coalition all the legal powers necessary to operate as an official Syrian Embassy in the future, but designated no official target date for it to be done. Hollande also told us that he hoped that all the legal and political powers enjoyed by an embassy would be granted to the Syrian Coalition which has already been recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. However, the granting of legal powers to the Syrian Coalition needs to be approved by the UN Security Council.” Makhous also said that “France has been a key supporter of the Syrian people since the beginning of the revolution. It was the first country to recognize our demands and has consistently provided substantial political support in all international forums. We call on the French government to continue its support and empower the Syrian Coalition to take upon itself the handling of the daily business of the Syrian community in France as Syrians who dissent with the Assad regime are faced with a labyrinth of bureaucracy when having to conduct administrative procedures. No doubt such diplomatic procedures are considered important tactical steps towards eventually stripping the Assad regime of what remains of its legitimacy." Makhous concluded his remarks by saying "there will be another diplomatic move by the Arab foreign ministers next month regarding their decision to grant the Syrian seat in the Arab League to the Syrian Coalition after recognizing it as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people." (Source: Syrian Coalition)