Ghadiri: Russia and Iran are Partners in Assad’s Massacres

Spokesman for the Syrian Coalition Salem al-Maslet said that targeting densely populated areas is a war crime and a violation of international law regardless of any arguments or justifications, adding that the Assad regime put civilians on top of the targets to be bombed.

Pro-regime forces launched a rocket attack on a market popularly in the neighborhood of Al-Shaa’r in Aleppo today, killing 33 civilians, most of them women and children.

Meslet stresses that this attack was by no means random, pointed out that regime forces sought to cause many civilian casualties as possible given the area targeted and the timing of the attack.

Vice President Nagham al-Ghadiri holds the Assad regime and its allies, namely Russia and Iran fully responsible for the continuation of massacres against the Syrian people, condemning in the strongest terms the killing of civilians, women and children.

She said that the inaction of the UN Security Council and the international community has become a contributing factor in Assad’s escalation of massacres against Syrian civilians, regretting the failure of the Arab League, the UN Security Council and the Friends of the Syrian people group to condemn these massacres or to even holding emergency meetings to discuss procedures to protect civilians in Syria. (Source: Syrian Coalition)