Monday, 14 April 2014 09:41

Jarba Heads to China to Clarify the Political Reality

Hadi Al Bahra, Secretary of the political committee, said that "the aim of Ahmed Jarba's visit to China, scheduled tomorrow, is to open channels of communication with the Chinese officials and to try to distance the Chinese position away from the Russian's, in the hope of changing their attitudes of what's going on in Syria. We are encouraged by China's voting in favor of the UN resolution 2139 and their opening of discussion with representatives of the Syrian Revolution." Bahra also said that we need to visit all the BRICS countries and their parliaments to clarify the political and humanitarian situation in Syria." Jarba had earlier met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on January 21 in Montreux, Switzerland at the request of the Chinese side. The Chinese minister praised the participation of the Syrian Coalition in the Geneva II conference, stressing that "China supports the right of the Syrian people for change, and the full implementation of Geneva I declaration." (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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