Political Committee Convenes for the First Time Following Election

The Political Committee held their first meeting today after its members were elected during the 13th meeting of the General Assembly. The meeting was attended by Ahmad Jarba, president of the Syrian Coalition, and his deputies Farouk Tayfur, Abdul Hakim Bashar and Nora Al Ameer, in addition to Badr Jamous, the Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition. The meeting aims to follow up and implement the decisions made by the general Assembly, besides being an opportunity for the creation of mechanisms for joint action and a prelude for concord among the members of the Syrian Coalition. The special committee was tasked with the reevaluation of the statute of the Syrian Coalition held its first meeting which was chaired by Haitham al-Maleh, president of the Legal Committee, and was attended by all its members; Jamal Al Ward, Hadi Al Bahra, Ryad Hassan, Salah Darwish, Marwan Hajjo and Yahya Maktabi. (Source: Syrian Coalition)