Friday, 31 May 2019 19:56

President Mustafa Calls for New UN Mechanisms to End Idlib Disaster

President of the Syrian Coalition, Abdulrahman Mustafa, said that the ongoing killings and destruction in the ‘de-escalation zone’ area in northwestern Syria is the direct result of the international community’s inaction and lukewarm, ineffective positions.

In a speech on the situation in Idlib and rural Hama, President Mustafa said that the international community has a duty to take concrete decisions to stop the killings, destruction, and displacement once and for all. He underscored that even the international resolutions are not enough as they need to be adopted and enforced.

President Mustafa addressed the active UN member states: “You are the ones who need to assume the responsibility for enforcing the UN resolutions; ensuring respect for the International Law; and holding the perpetrators to account.

To persist with this reluctance and to act out of the calculation of the gains and losses is not the ideal way to stand up to the criminals.”

Moreover, President Mustafa called for establishing alternative mechanisms to bring this ongoing tragedy to an end.

“We ask you to overcome the obstacles in order to deter the regime and ratchet up the pressure on Russia to stop its aggression and its support for Assad.”

“The responsibilities are clear, and the perpetrators are already known,” President Mustafa added.

“They are the Assad regime, Iranian militias, and Russian aggressors who have aided and abetted the regime’s crimes against the Syrian people since day one.

Russia has sabotaged all international efforts and blocked the work of the UN Security Council.

It continues to violate all laws and conventions; shows utter disregard for the work of the UN commissions; and challenges the results of the UN investigations.”

President Mustafa went on: “Since the beginning of the direct Russian aggression on Syria, Russia has become a partner in these crimes. It has bombed towns and villages while seeking to disrupt the political solution and support a solution based on killing and displacement.”

“Russian bombs, the regime’s barrel bombs, the white phosphorus, the chemical weapons, the heavy artillery shelling of towns and villages as well as everything that is forbidden under the International Law is now being used against the Syrian civilians in the ‘de-escalation zones.”

President Mustafa added: “Since the beginning of the regime's war against the Syrian people, medical centers and hospital have been constant targets for the regime's killing and destruction machine, making them among the most dangerous places.”

He concluded his speech by expressing support the Free Syrian Army and the Turkish army’s efforts which have been able to deal heavy blows to terrorism. He said that Turkey is still working hard to stop the bloodshed; support the political solution; save the lives of civilians; and prevent their displacement from their homes.

“I appeal to all the honorable people of the Arab world and the whole world to stand by what is right, by the victims of the aggression, evil and injustice against our people, and support us by all possible means.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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