Regime Kills Dozens Bombing Rebel-Held Areas

Assad’s air force has stepped up aerial bombardment of many rebel-held areas across Syria, adding more crimes to its industrial killing of Syrian people. Dozens of civilians, including children were killed and hundreds more injured when Assad’s warplanes hit a crowded marketplace in the district of Hammouriya in East Ghouta. Regime forces also carried out air raids on the district of Douma in East Ghouta, the town of Al-Hula in rural Homs, and the town of Al-Bab in rural Aleppo, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Salem al-Meslet, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, said that pro-Assad forces committed these massacres while the blood of the 75 civilians who were killed in an air raid on a market in the village of Khansa near Qamishli has not yet dried. “There is no longer any justification to let Assad go on with these appalling crimes or to let the Syrian people be stuck between the hammer of Assad and the anvil of extremist groups. “We reiterate our appeal for the international community to intervene immediately to save the lives of Syrians to and put an end to Assad’s atrocities against them. (Source: Syrian Coalition)